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Senior Project Reaches El Salvador

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Mineola High School senior Miguel Velásquez spent time in El Salvador recently to visit with and share more than four suitcases full of donated art supplies to students at the Centro Escolar Caserio Upire. Miguel had previously visited the school in El Salvador because it is the one his own father had attended. Driven by the school’s lack of supplies to engage students creatively, Miguel decided to host a drive for supplies and to personally visit the school, shadowing the teachers there, as part of his senior project.

“It was an eye-opening experience when I first visited the school. It was a wake-up call to really appreciate what we have here,” Miguel said. “I’m so thankful for the sacrifices my parents made for me to have an education in America and I felt I needed to support these students in any way I could. I’m grateful to the entire Mineola community for their support in donating for these students.”

During his time shadowing first through third grade teachers at Centro Escolar Caserio Upire, Miguel has confirmed his desire to pursue a teaching degree with the intent of working with dual language learners. He will be attending Adelphi University in the fall, majoring in adolescent education.