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Requests for transportation to non-public schools for each school year must be received by April 1st of the preceding year. Parents/guardians should submit a separate form for each student. These forms are available from the district registrar upon student registration.

To contact Transportation please call (516) 237-2080

Transportation is provided according to the following distance from school requirements and limitations:

K through 4th grade: 0.5 miles or greater.

5th through 7th grade:    1 mile or greater.

8th through 12th grade:   1.5 miles or greater.

Transportation to private schools is limited to 15 miles.

All distance measurements are made within our routing software, from home address to school address using the shortest route possible, which may differ from the actual route the bus follows.


Additional Transportation Information

1. Students must be properly registered with the district before transportation can be considered

2. Students must meet eligibility requirements based on distance from school

3. Requests for Transportation must be submitted each year for each student attending private/parochial schools

4. Requests must be received no later than April 1st for the next school year

For information regarding Late Transportation Requests, please click here.



School Bus driver applications

Applications for school bus drivers are accepted continuously.

Requirements for school bus drivers:
**CDL Class B with P & S Endorsements & Air Brake Endorsement Required.
**19A Certification including Fingerprint Clearance & 30 Hour Safety Course.

Initial requirements:

  • Transportation Application
  • Civil Service Application
  • Copy of Driver's license
  • 3 letters of reference
  • Physical Performance test
  • Physical by District Doctor
  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
  • Driving test by 19-A certifier
  • Driver's license abstract

Every year:

  • Two refresher courses
  • Physical exam
  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Defensive Driving perfomance test
  • Carrier's Annual Review of Driving Record under Article 19-A
  • Every other year (odd numbered years):
  • Written Test by 19-A certifier
  • Every other year (even numbered years):
  • Behind The Wheel Road Test
  • Physical Performance Test