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10 Hampton Street, Mineola, NY 11501
Phone: (516) 237-2200
Fax: (516) 237-2208

Principal: Margarita Maravel


Phone Directory

Nurse's Office: Ms. Laura Schneebaum (516) 237-2280
Psychologist: Carina Waldman (516) 237-2249
Transportation: (516) 237-2080





Dr. Suess Classroom Doors

We, at Hampton Street School, are celebrating Dr. Seuss this month. Throughout the building you can see how all classroom doors & hallways have been decorated with many well-known Dr. Seuss books. Our students are really enjoying learning about him & his life. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Hampton PARP Assembly

Kids enjoyed a visit from one of our Jackson moms who is an actress. They were excited to know she played Belle from Beauty & The Beast & enjoyed when she sang some of the lyrics from the movie. They also enjoyed being read to, the book of choice was "Rufus Goes to School". It's all about reading!

February Break Challenge

Congratulations to all the students who completed the KIDOYO February break challenge. GREAT JOB!!

February break challenge pic