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10 Hampton Street, Mineola, NY 11501
Phone: (516) 237-2200
Fax: (516) 237-2208

Principal: Margarita Maravel


Phone Directory

Nurse's Office: Ms. Laura Schneebaum (516) 237-2280
Psychologist: Carina Waldman (516) 237-2249
Transportation: (516) 237-2080






STEAM Day K students worked with their parents by building a house that was hurricane proof. Each had a little piggie to put inside their house & the wolf was a blow dryer. 1st grade students & parents worked together to create a roller coaster. 2nd grade students & parents worked together to make an earthquake proof structure with their parents. Everyone worked together as a team on these projects & they all did a great job!

2nd Grade TedEd Club Presentations

Congratulations to the students who presented yesterday. You did an awesome job, you rock! We're all #MineolaProud of you, Bobby, Kayla, Luna, Maria, Mark, Melanie, Rachel, Ryan, Scarlet & Zalen.

Visiting Artist

Visiting Artist pic
During their art classes with Jaclyn Altman, kindergarten through second-graders at Hampton Street spent a week working with visiting artist John DiNaro on a special project. With DiNaro’s guidance, each student helped paint four murals to beautify the school grounds. Each mural was created to mimic the styles of artists the students had studied throughout the year, including Monet’s impressionism.