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10 Hampton Street, Mineola, NY 11501
Phone: (516) 237-2200
Fax: (516) 237-2208

Principal: Margarita Maravel


Phone Directory

Nurse's Office: Ms. Laura Schneebaum (516) 237-2280
Psychologist: Carina Waldman (516) 237-2249
Transportation: (516) 237-2080



Inclusive Schools Week

Mrs. Vento gave a presentation during Inclusive Schools Week to share with the students the importance of being kind to each other, loving not only yourself but others too & how good it is to include everyone. “We All Belong To One Family Tree” was the theme for the event, all of us at Hampton (staff, teachers, students, Principal, etc) are part of one big family tree. Mrs. Altman spent weeks with the students creating two beautiful murals representing this theme, she had them all paint & put their personal touch by placing their colorful handprint on the murals. Everyone had a fun time not only learning during Inclusive week but working together as a group

SPLASH at Hampton

Students had a guest visit from SPLASH! She went over the importance of making sure ALL garbage makes its way to the trash or recycling bin to keep our waters clean. Students learned how garbage affects the survival of the water species as well as land animals. The students watched a video about Inky, a little whale found in poor health because she swallowed lots of garbage! The video showed other animals that ate trash or had trash somehow attached to its body making it difficult for them to swim/fly. The presenter explained how our storm drain system works & how they all lead to our waters. The students were given a Storm Drain Data Collection Chart, where they will keep record of all items found that didn’t make it to the garbage bin to keep it from hurting our water & land animals. They will be adopting a storm drain & will be responsible for keeping it clean. So let’s all work together to SPLASH: Stop-Polluting-Littering-and-Save-Harbours.