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Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Student Athletes,

Welcome to the Mineola Public Schools Interscholastic Athletic program!  This handbook has been prepared to be used as a reference by our student athletes and their  parents/guardians in an effort to define responsibilities as they pertain to the rules and  regulations, as well as the policies and procedures for participation in our interscholastic athletic program.
The Mineola Public Schools Interscholastic Athletic program is governed by the regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education’s basic coed for extra class athletic activities.  In addition, Mineola is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA).  Specific guidelines are established for Middle School students as a part of the NYSPHSAA Modified Interscholastic Sports Program.

We are proud of the effort and accomplishments of all of our athletes and coaches.  Our department strives to enhance the student athlete physically, socially and mentally.  We encourage our athletes to win without boasting, lose without excuses and never quit.  We expect athletes to respect coaches, teammates, opponents and officials and understand that their actions represent all in the Mineola community.  Through team concepts of family, sacrifice and discipline students will learn life lessons through sports and mature into better athletes and citizens.

Mr. Ralph Amitrano
District Supervisor of Athletics,
Physical Education & Health




Senior Athlete Spotlight

Despite an unusual year for the Class of 2021, we continue to shine a light on our seniors and their accomplishments. The athletics department is highlighting its senior players in the girls basketball program. We thank them for their commitment to Mineola athletics, in spite of changes to their season, and wish them the best of luck in the future.


Claire Collura
As a three-season athlete, Claire Collura finds herself at Mineola High School for many hours throughout the school year. As a member of the cheerleading team, girls basketball team and the girls lacrosse team, Claire plays a role being a positive aspect of multiple programs. Claire highlights her best memories as an athlete were while playing basketball or lacrosse, or her times performing at halftimes of football and homecoming games.

In addition to athletics, Claire also finds time to be a member of the World Language Club. As a member, it is no surprise that Italian is her favorite class. She says she is fond of the people in her language classes and shares a lot of laughs with them. Claire is able to balance being highly involved in extracurriculars while staying focused on academics, which is evident as she boasts at 95 average in school.

As the year progresses, Claire looks forward to selecting a college and spending more time with close friends. She looks forward to college life, making new friends and fulfilling her goal of becoming a teacher.

When we asked Claire for some advice for upcoming student athletes, she says that they should know “School comes first. Manage your time wisely, put in the effort to become a better athlete and have fun on the team that you are on.”

We are sure that Claire will bring her positive spirit with her to the college of her choice and we wish her success and happiness.


Adriana Ferreira
Adriana Ferreira is a prime example of a well-rounded student athlete. Our spotlight shines on Adriana year-round, as she is a member of the volleyball, basketball and lacrosse teams. Her dedication as an athlete at Mineola shows itself in her consistent work ethic and her pride in the program. Adriana has excelled as a student and holds a 3.9 GPA. She has decided to attend Stony Brook University in the Fall of 2021.

As a student, Adriana recalls her favorite experience being the New York City course. The excitement of learning in the city and having engaging conversations in class drew her in. As an athlete, Adriana cites the many times that she interacted with her teammates throughout the years as some of her favorite moments. She states that “The bus rides to away games and practices with teammates were always a fun time. My teammates and I always work hard but at the same time have a lot of fun.”

In the near future, Adriana looks forward to her prom and being able to enjoy summer with all of her friends before heading off to college. Next year, she looks forward to her college experience and getting involved in her major as a structural engineer.

Adriana’s advice to future students is to work to their fullest and enjoy the seasons they have with teammates and coaches. She says, “Even if you lose a game, keep pushing to win the next one and don’t give up.”


Serena Koshy
Serena Koshy is a multi-talented senior at Mineola High School. While she is a part of several athletic programs, she has also woven herself into the fabric of the school and community. As a member of the soccer and basketball teams, Serena has always been a hard-working athlete. Her many talents also led her to be a part of the String Ensemble, Athletes Helping Athletes and the Student Service Center. A conversation with Serena about colleges reveals her opportunities paved by her hard work in school. While she is undecided and choosing between many schools Serena holds an academic average of 100.45. Her favorite course is AP Chemistry. Serena enjoys it the most because it is a perfect combination of her favorite subjects, Math and Science.

As a member of the soccer and basketball programs, her fondest memories of sports lie in both the soccer program’s “Think Pink” game, where the program dedicates all the proceeds of the game to Breast Cancer research, and the basketball Program’s “Reggie Carter Night,” where a memorial game is held with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund. Both games are well-attended and mark a focus that is bigger than the game itself.

For the remainder of her senior year Serena looks forward to spending time with her classmates and making new great memories. She looks forward to starting college and making new friends.

Her advice to upcoming student athletes in the program is simple – “Hard work does not go unnoticed!”


Melanie Mendes
As a Mineola Mustang basketball team member, Melanie Mendes has enjoyed her experience as a contributing member of the team. Her love for the game of basketball leads her to dedicate her time during the winter season to working hard in practices and games.

As a member of the basketball program Melanie fondly remembers times with her teammates as they built bonds through practices, game and bus rides. She enjoyed listening to music and enjoying the company of her teammates.

Melanie has not yet decided on a college to attend. She loves to learn about history and enjoys her social studies classes in school. She is a very good student who has been dedicated to her team and to her studies.

In the near future, Melanie will be selecting a college and looks forward to some big events, including graduation. She looks forward to finding her niche in college and getting into a dream career. Her advice to upcoming students is to have fun and work hard. We wish Melanie success and happiness in all of her future decisions.


Colleen Miller
Our student athlete senior spotlight finds Colleen Miller as an outstanding member of our Mineola Athletics community. Colleen has enjoyed her experiences as a member of both the girls basketball and girls lacrosse programs over the last four years at Mineola. Colleen has many fond memories of past games but one that stands out is a victory against Clarke HS last season that knocked them out of the basketball playoff picture.

While she is still undecided about her college of choice, she maintains and high standard for her academic classes. Colleen takes part in sports and is a contributing member of the Student Service Center, while maintaining a 93 average in school. As a student, Colleen enjoys many classes but CLEP stands out as a favorite, much in part to Mr. Cocoman being a teacher that makes class fun.

As the year moves forward Colleen looks forward to her prom and finally selecting the college of her choice. She looks forward to the experience of meeting new people and building new relationships.

When asked for some advice for future Mustang athletes, Colleen says that she would tell them to never stop working because hard work pays off. We wish Colleen success in this, her senior year in high school, and beyond.


Keara Mulrooney
The Mineola Athletics Department student athlete spotlight shines on Keara Mulrooney. Keara has been a member of the basketball, softball and bowling teams at Mineola over her four-year career as a Mustang. She has been a dedicated member of our programs and always approaches each practice and game with a positive and healthy attitude. Even though Keara stays very busy with our athletic programs, she also finds the time to be a part of many clubs in school while holding an astounding 96.15 academic average. She is a member of SADD, the Student Service Center, the Environmental Club and Athletes Helping Athletes.

Keara had a few favorite classes in school, including chemistry and physical education leadership. She found the learning material in chemistry interesting and was fond of Mr. Leopardi as her teacher. As a physical education leader, she felt that the class offered her the opportunity to become a better leader as she fulfilled her responsibilities in the class.

In looking back at her experiences as an athlete at Mineola, Keara recalls the excitement of winning games at another school’s senior night and ripping off the warm-up pants prior to the start of the game as the team prepared to compete. She loved the general “chaos” in the gym before practices and games and the exuberance of people warming up for games. Keara also notes some of her favorite memories include playing badminton in intramurals, visiting the trainer or just going out to get a sandwich with teammates. Keara states that she “loved every aspect of being a Mustang athlete.”

In the near future Keara looks forward to senior activities like the prom and graduation. Keara also looks forward to an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. She says she would love to be able to study abroad and eventually become a Physician Assistant. Her advice to up and coming athletes is to learn to make fun of yourself and don’t get caught up in your mistakes, but rather learn from them.


Wrestling Record 

Senior Ericson Velasquez recently set a new Wrestling wins record! He now has 138 career wins and will look to add to this record as the team heads into the Nassau County Qualifying Tournament this weekend. Best of luck to Ericson and the team!



Fourth Place Finish

Mineola's own Phil Macchietto helps lead the Nassau County All-Star team to a 4th place state finish in the state New York State Public High School Tournament. This past weekend at AMF Strike and Spare Lanes in Syracuse our 9th grader Phil Macchiettio competed in his 3rd state tournament as he was a member of the Nassau County Team. The team is comprised of the top 6 Bowlers who competed in the Nassau County Tournament in February.

This year, Phil had the teams second best pin total as he amassed a 1261 series. That means Phil had a 210 average on the day. Phil's high game of the tournament was in the final game where he bowled a 236. The entire Athletic Department is proud of Phil's accomplishments this season and we look forward to 3 more years of state Tournament Bowling.

bowling image


All County Honors

Congratulations to Senior Jack Duff (138 lbs) and Junior Ericsson Velasquez (182 lbs) for placing 4th at the Nassau County championships on February 9th-10th. Both wrestlers have earned All County Honors!


Top Bowler

Congratulations to eighth-grader Phil Macchietto who helped lead Nassau County's All-County Bowling Squad to a third-place finish in Syracuse, New York last weekend. Phil had the best game of the tournament with a 266. He averaged an overall score of 200, making him the top bowler on the Nassau squad and earning him the rank of fourth in the state.

bowling image

Convincing Wrestling Win

The Mineola Wrestling team defeated Lawrence High School on Friday in a convincing fashion. The crowd was excited to cheer in the Mustangs and after the High School team competed the up and coming Mustang Wrestlers took the mat. Students in grades 3-7 who participate in district youth Wrestling clinics took part in a Take Down Challenge !!! It was a great event for all the wrestlers. 

wrestling image