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Jackson Avenue Library

Ms. Moreano

Mrs. Ramos
Library Aide


Welcome to the Jackson Avenue School Library! Our library is a very fun and exciting place to visit and I look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Our library is committed to supporting and complementing the curriculum and the classroom teachers. The goal of this library is to foster a love of reading and expose our students to a variety of literature. We offer a broad range of resources, in print and electronically, to meet the information need of our students and faculty as well as ensure that all students are effective users of information.

Each class will visits the library once a cycle for forty minutes. Our focus is on digital citizenship, coding/programming and 21st century skills during our time together. Students will also choose 2 books to borrow each library period and may also exchange/borrow during the Open Access times.

I hope that our library is a fun and welcoming place for your child. I feel that the skills our students acquire will provide them with the building blocks necessary to become independent life-long readers and learners.

Please feel free to come and visit our beautiful library during the school year.



Open Access

Day 1 9:05-9:40
Day 2 Not available
Day 3 9:45-10:15
Day 4 10:00-11:00
Day 5 Not available
Day 6 9:45-11:00, 2:40-3:00

Happy Birthday!

If it is your birthday week, you may check out an additional book during your library period.