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Electronic Music Masterclass

JP Reynolds masterclass at Synergy thumbnail258557
JP Reynolds masterclass at Synergy thumbnail258558
JP Reynolds masterclass at Synergy thumbnail258559

On May 15, artist, rapper, producer and songwriter JP Reynolds visited Synergy for a masterclass with eighth grade learners in the electronic music elective class.

Mr. Reynolds discussed his inspiring musical journey that started, including singing with his church choir, making mix tapes in his dorm closet at Yale and eventually launching into a career which includes music production and live performance, multimedia storytelling, community work and much more.

During the visit, learners Mr. Reynolds focused on the development of sampling skills, how sampling is used in popular music and how to manipulate samples to fit creatively within a new musical composition. Learners explored recordings from popular musical artists from the 1970s through 1990s and discovered how samples were creatively, and often subtly, used to enhance the songs. Mr. Reynolds also provided the learners with online resources to help them compose and develop their own musical voices.

The workshop ended with a performance by Mr. Reynolds freestyling a rap with MHS Band Director Mr. Ratner accompanying him on drums.

Date Added: 5/20/2024