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Dual-Language Program

Sara Ortiz,  Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Learning
Phone: (516) 237-2010

Vision: To create an accessible and easy to use website that provides parents with information about the Dual Language Program, as well as  resources to support their understanding of biliteracy. Furthermore, this website will provide resources so that parents feel comfortable supporting their children's’ language acquisition at home.

Mineola's Bilinqual Spanish Program

We are #mineolaproud proud of our strong Bilingual Spanish program from Preschool through High School. Students who participate in the Bilingual program through our high school have the opportunity to graduate with bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish.

Throughout their experience at Mineola, students who learn in two languages are taught in both languages in all major content areas. Graduates of the program earn the New York State Seal of Bilingual Studies on their Certificate.

Our bilingual program begins in Preschool and is only offered on Willis Avenue. Interested Kindergarten students can apply to schools in their area. MUFSD Preschool-12 Bilingual Learning Program


MUFSD Preschool-12 Bilingual Learning Program

Grades Preschool-4

► Modelo 50/50 (Español/Inglés)

  • 50/50 Model (Spanish/English) Content areas taught in both languages!

° ELA, SLA, Science, Social Studies, Math Fundamental

  • Instructional Instruction in Both Languages
  • Cross Cultural Awareness and Belonging

Grades 5-7

► 50/50 Model (Spanish/English)

  • Grades 5 & 6
  • Content Areas Taught in Both Languages

■ ELA, SLA, Science, Social Studies, Math

  • Grade 7
  • ELA, SLA, Science, Social Studies, Math Grade
  • English: ELA, Social Studies, Science, Math
  • Cross Cultural Awareness and Belonging

Grades 8-12

► Academic courses offered in both languages

  • SLA & AP Spanish Courses
  • Bilingual content courses
  • Seal of Bilingual Studies
  • Cross Cultural Awareness and Belonging


Programa Bilingüe en Español de Mineola

Estamos #mineolaproud orgullosos de nuestro sólido programa Bilingüe en Español desde Preescolar hasta la escuela Preparatoria. Los estudiantes que participan en el programa Bilingüe a través de nuestra escuela preparatoria tienen la oportunidad de graduarse con competencia bilingüe en Inglés y Español.

A lo largo de su experiencia en Mineola, a los estudiantes que aprenden en dos idiomas se les enseña en ambos idiomas en todas las áreas de contenido principales. Los graduados del programa obtienen el Sello de Estudios Bilingües del Estado de Nueva York en su Certificado.

Nuestro programa bilingüe comienza en Preescolar y solo se ofrece en Willis Avenue. Los estudiantes de Jardín de niños interesados pueden presentar su solicitud en las escuelas de su zona.

Programa de Aprendizaje Bilingüe de MUFSD Preescolar-12

Grados Preescolar-4

► Modelo 50/50 (Español/Inglés)

  • ¡Áreas de contenido impartidas en ambos idiomas!

° ELA, SLA, Ciencias, Estudios Sociales, Matemáticas

  • Instrucción fundamental de enseñanza en ambos idiomas
  • Conciencia y pertenencia intercultural

Grados 5-7

► Modelo 50/50 (Español/Inglés)

  • Grados 5 y 6
  • Áreas de contenido impartidas en ambos idiomas

■ ELA, SLA, Ciencias, Estudios Sociales, Matemáticas

  • Grado 7
  • Español: SLA y Estudios Sociales
  • Inglés: ELA, Estudios Sociales, Ciencias, Matemáticas
  • Conciencia y pertenencia intercultural

Grados 8-12

► Oferta de cursos académicos en ambos idiomas

  • Cursos de español SLA y AP
  • Cursos de contenidos bilingües
  • Sello de Estudios Bilingües
  • Conciencia y pertenencia intercultural




How Can I Support My Student in Dual Language Immersion?

Whether you speak the immersion language or not, the best way to support your student is by creating a supportive learning environment in the language of the home. This literacy-rich foundation is built as you read, write, listen, and talk to your student in your own language and culture, building a bond of learning with them.

  1. Support your student in the language of the home. Read WITH them and TO them in your native language EVERY day.
  2. Ask your student open-ended questions about what they are learning in school. Encourage curiosity by teaching them to question the world around them.
  3. Emphasize the value of acquiring another language. Applaud their efforts in the language immersion.
  4. Help your student develop effective study skills. Ask your teacher how much homework to expect and regularly set aside time to work on it. Remember that homework is the student’s responsibility and encourage them to be accountable by following up with them later.
  5. Become involved in your student’s school experience by volunteering in the immersion classroom or helping with materials, activities, or field trips.
  6. Extend cultural experiences beyond the classroom. Take your child to a local event such as a Portuguese festival, a Spanish restaurant, or a Chinese New Year party.
  7. Expose your student to the language through technology and media. Use apps, movies, TV, or internet to increase the amount of time your student spends engaging in the immersion language. For example, watch a favorite movie in French instead of English, or listen to Portuguese music or Spanish books on CD.
  8. As your student grows, consider participating in an exchange or work program, summer language camp, or a family vacation to another country.
     (Based on suggestions from French Immersion in Manitoba: A Handbook for School Leaders)