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MHS European Adventures

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Over the break, two groups of high school learners got a truly immersive multicultural experience as they traveled to France and Spain for an exploration of architecture, history, art, food, language and more!

Led by World Language teachers Ms. Theodorakis and Ms. Coelho, the two groups get to experience first-hand what many people only see in books and on TV.

We hear about the trips directly from the educators who curated and led them and check out some fun travel photos too!

Paris, Provence and La Côte D'Azur with Ms. Theodorakis

From a tour of the City of Lights, students were able to visit some of the most recognizable monuments of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees and Versailles Palace. Then, the students took the French bullet train, the TGV, to the south of France where they visited Nimes, the Pont de Gard and were able to go on à nature walk and cross the Roman style aqueduct, from there they visited the salt marshes of Aigues Mortes, and the nature preserve there. Finally, the last leg of the trip was to Nice, la cote D’Azur which literally translates to the blue coast. Students were able to see the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea and its beaches, the glorious views of Nice from its Palace gardens, the Palace of Monaco, which is its own principality and to see the Royal changing of the guard. This trip was a wonderful experience of French culture and the French way of life.

Barcelona, Mezquita and Toledo with Ms. Ceolho

In this day and age, when technology puts everything at our fingertips, why is it important to travel internationally and experience culture firsthand? Through a computer screen, can you smell the Mediterranean Sea while riding a bicycle along the port of Barcelona? Can you taste a traditional, locally made paella in a cozy restaurant in Granada? Can you appreciate how 3 religions came together under one roof in the Mezquita? Can you feel the energy of a busy metropolitan city as you walk the fast-paced streets of Madrid while admiring breathtaking monuments? Can you feel the pride in cooking traditional dishes with actual chefs while admiring a breathtaking view of the city of Toledo? Can you understand the culturally rich customs being shared by generations of bull fighters as they describe how it takes 10 years to learn how to “dance” with a bull in a bullring?

Fifteen Mineola High School students had the amazing opportunity to experience all of this first-hand on their trip to Spain during February break. Each day was filled with opportunities to learn and explore something that they possibly only had heard about. Lifelong memories were created while traveling through 5 cities and countless activities.

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Date Added: 3/3/2023