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Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award

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The district congratulates MHS senior Markella Kiriakes on being the recipient of the Nassau BOCES Education Partner Award, an honor usually reserved for educators, board members and organizations.

Markella was nominated for this award based on her outstanding contributions to our school community. As a student activist, leader, volunteer and role model, she brings her positive energy and collaborative spirit to countless clubs and activities, including the Dignity Club, Thespian Society, Political Action and Debate Club, World Language Club and Mustang Media Broadcast. She is also part of the Girls Varsity Golf Team, a member of the Student Service Center, a student ambassador at Camp Invention and a volunteer worker in the high school office.

As her senior project, Markella created the “Zen Den”, a space within the guidance department for mindfulness and meditation that will remain as a testament to her desire to help other students and to leave an indelible mark on the high school.

Markella and the other honorees will be recognized on Apr. 27 at the sixteenth Annual Education Partner Awards Gala, hosted by the Nassau BOCES Educational Foundation.

Date Added: 2/1/2023