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Basics of Robotics

Students playing with a Coding Critter robot thumbnail239694

Our second grade learners at Meadow Drive got an early lesson in robotics and coding with the help of Library Media Specialist Ms. Levi.

Each student got to select a “Coding Critter” robot (either a puppy, kitten or dinosaur) and were challenged with programing them with a code that tells the robot which direction to go in. As an added challenge, they were given obstacles for their robots to navigate around.

Robotics and coding are a part of Mineola’s library curriculum starting in Pre-K and help foster critical thinking and creativity that will be essential in the future.
We are #MineolaProud of our little programmers and look forward to seeing their progress throughout the year!

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 1/11/2023