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Principal's Corner

A message from Principal Shaw

Dear Visitors, 

Welcome to Hampton Street School! Here at Hampton, we pride ourselves on instilling the character traits that make our learners true Hampton H.E.L.P.E.R.s, as well as #MineolaProud members of the community. At Hampton Street, we consider our learning community a family.

This school year, we call ourselves “Team Hampton” as it takes a village. We believe at Hampton Street that each learner belongs to all of us and works together as educators, along with families, as we facilitate life-long learning. It is important that all learners and families here have a sense of belonging and fun. We are committed to providing a personalized, student-centered learning environment that is rigorous and engaging.

Hampton Street PK-2 learners demonstrate honesty, empathy, life-long learning, persistence, encouragement and respect, while learning to live the mission: to inspire each student to be a life-long learner, pursue excellence, exhibit strength of character and contribute positively to a global society. Learners here demonstrate these traits to earn H.E.L.P.E.R. cards to show off their hard work and effort each day. Our awesome staff feels privileged each day to work with our learners, their families and one another! 

Please be sure to check out the parents section on the Mineola UFSD website to learn more about our Mineola-created integrated curriculum and Badge Books! 

To learn more about our programming and this wonderful school, please feel free to email me to discuss more. 


Leigh Shaw