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Kindergarten Badge Book

Program Overview: Swapping Grades for Badges

In Mineola we believe in celebrating the growth and achievements of all of our students. In the 2018-2019 school year, we are embarking on a new assessment system in Kindergarten that will emphasize our commitment to growth and progress of our youngest learners. We are reimagining our report card system to focus on our students’ growth and development over the course of their Kindergarten year. Instead of grades, Kindergarteners will earn badges to recognize and celebrate their successes and mastery of new skills and concepts. We know that every child is unique and develops at unique rates. Students will earn badges at their own pace, based on their individual strengths, needs, and developmental levels. With this Badge Book you can help your child celebrate progress by tracking what they have accomplished and supporting them to reach new goals. The book provides parents (and students) with detailed descriptions of each badge skill, the criteria students must meet to earn the badge, and resources and activities you can use to help your child practice. The book provides you all of the information you need  to be an integral part of your child’s journey to growth throughout their Kindergarten year. Students will receive their badges in sticker form, celebrating each new skill. Our goal is for students to own their own success and be able to speak to the skills they have mastered. Badges are a concrete representation of the learning process that students can visualize, comprehend and hold. The badges and the Book give students a clear way to understand and take ownership of their learning and give you a fun way of being a part of their Kindergarten year.

The District identified teachers and administrators to work in a Committee to develop this book after piloting the program in the 2017-2018 school year with Pre-K students. The Committee began by identifying and classifying the age appropriate, standards based practical skills; literacy and numeracy skills were identified and classified into 84 different badges across all content and skill areas. Each skill was then associated with concepts and skills from our curriculum. As a team, we created the criteria and practice opportunities associated with each badge. The badges were then printed as stickers by our High School students in the Fab Lab. Once students earn a badge, they are given a corresponding sticker to proudly put in this Badge Book.

The badges are organized by trimester however; we recognize that kindergarten students all learn at different rates. Each student will earn badges at their own rate based on their unique strengths, needs and developmental levels. Our goal is for each student to earn the badges that are appropriate for her or him at a rate that is developmentally appropriate for the individual student. In order for you to monitor and support your own child’s progress, we will be sending home this Badge Book the last Monday of each month* to show progress towards badges and skills we are working on. We look forward to celebrating your children's progress all year long!