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8th & 9th Grade Drama Club Wows with Shrek the Musical

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Congratulations to the MHS 8th and 9th grade Drama Club who took audiences on a fantastically fun ride to the swamp and back with their performances of Shrek the Musical, Jr.

The young actors sang and danced their hearts out, nailed every joke and found the perfect balance of comedic charm and dramatic emotion that we know and love from the classic films.

As if you needed more, the colorful costumes, whimsical sets and a dramatic backdrop transported you to the forest and made it abundantly clear how much time, effort and talent went into this final Mineola performance on the school year.

From the first notes to the final curtain call, every element of this performance was top notch and received rave reviews from young and old!

We are #MineolaProud of the cast and crew who brought Shrek and his friends to life and reminded us how much joy live theatre can bring.

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Date Added: 6/4/2024