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KidOYO Interdistrict Hackathon

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Congrats to the Magnetized Mineolians for their success in the Junior Division of the KidOYO Interdistrict Hackathon on March 31st.

The team of 7th grade learners from Mineola MS won the award for “Best Capital Defense Project” in the competition and took home 5th place overall.

The KidOYO Interdistrict Hackathon allows schools across Long Island to compete against one another on various coding challenges. Judges from KidOYO score teams based on criteria including creativity, most detailed, and best game play and all projects are highlighted on a game map. The teams compete against each other by “attacking” other projects and taking over map territory. The team who holds the most territories (has the most points) at the end of the competition wins.

Our team worked collaboratively together to come up with the idea and create the project using the Hatch! Coding language. You can check out their winning work HERE.

We are #Mineola Proud of the Magnetized Mineolians: Grant Adell, Zalen Parekh, Rachel Fogarty, Knox Pace, Kimberly Sandoval, Joseph Meehan & Jaden Hsiu.

Date Added: 4/4/2023