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Student-Athlete Recognition 

Students are recognized in many ways for their achievements in athletics at Mineola.  The following are functions of ongoing recognition and awards.

  • Team and individual accomplishments are sent to the Mineola American in the form or articles and pictures.  This is done by the athletic director and a publicity representative from the Athletic Booster Club.
  • Showcases are maintained in the athletic wing which house awards, plaques, pictures, etc.
  • Banners in the gym are updated as teams achieve conference, county or state championship status.
  • Banners in the gym are updated as teams qualify for the New York State Scholar Athlete Team award.
  • Seasonal letters are sent to all parents summarizing the past season and recognizing post season award winners in each sport.
  • Student athletes are recommended for awards such as the Wendy’s National Scholar Athlete award and the News 12 Scholar Athlete award.
  • The high school junior varsity award assembly after each season awards students with letters for participation.  The Booster Club provides refreshments after the assembly
  • The Varsity Award Banquet is held yearly for all varsity team members. Students receive first year varsity letters, second year chevrons, third year certificates and 4th year plaques,
  • Two players on each team are awarded a coaches award for dedication, coachability, responsibility and leadership.
  • All County Awards are given to student athletes who have achieved All County status ay any time during their 4 year athletic career.
  • The coaches present an “Old Reliable” award to one senior athlete who  demonstrated a most reliable disposition and contributes to several teams on many levels.
  • “Athlete of the Year” award is also given to an accomplished senior athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, leadership and is a positive influence and role model.  The Booster Club awards $350.00 to the male and female recipient.
  • The following awards are also presented at the Senior Breakfast:
    1. The Booster Club Sportsmanship is awarded to 2 seniors on the basis of attitude, sense of fair play, coachability, and ability to accept criticism and responsibility.  
    2. The Booster Club Senior Scholarship is awarded to 3 seniors on the basis of contribution to school,  someone most deserving of the award, someone who plans to continue their education and a slight consideration is given to need.
    3. The Booster Club Memorial Award is given to 4 seniors based on community service and participation in at least one varsity sport.
    4. The US Army Scholar Athlete Award—1 male and 1 female
    5. The US Marines Distinguished Athlete Award—1 male and 1 female
    6. The US Navy Athletic Achievement Award—1 male and 1 female
  • Tri-Athlete Night—Students who play in 3 sport seasons receive awards and refreshments are provided by the Athletic Booster Club
  • Fall, Winter and Spring Pep Rallies are conducted in the gym. Award winning athletes are presented to the students and the upcoming season teams are introduced.