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Learning About Magnets

Pre-K Students with Magnets thumbnail244517

These Pre-K learners are exploring the invisible forces of magnetism! How does it work? When doesn't it work? How can we make things move?

Date Added: 3/31/2023

Social Emotional Learning Week

Students wearing emotion headbands thumbnail244030
A student wearing emotion headbands thumbnail244031
Students looking at pieces of paper while standing at a table thumbnail244032
A student wearing emotion headbands thumbnail244033
Our 2nd grade learners focus on their social emotional learning by participating in emotion recognition centers. Using emotion headbands, curiosity-sparking photos, conflict resolution role playing, boom cards and empathy puzzles they learn how to express themselves and determine how other people are feeling.

Date Added: 3/21/2023

Contraction Surgery

Four photos of students working on bandages thumbnail243516
Four photos of students making posters and bandages thumbnail243517
Four photos of students using tablets thumbnail243518
After practicing using “Seesaw” on their iPads, Ms. Morrison’s 2nd grade learners paired up to cut words apart and put them back together with apostrophe bandages.

Date Added: 3/14/2023

Design Thinkers At Work

Students looking at tablets as they use the KidOYO coding app thumbnail243022
Students looking at tablets as they use the KidOYO coding app thumbnail243023
Students looking at tablets as they use the KidOYO coding app thumbnail243024
A close up of a tablet with the KidOYO coding app open thumbnail243025
Our learners putting their design thinking skills to work with the KidOYO coding app on their iPads. KidOYO is a student led learning app. OYO stands for “Own Your Own” and the app puts the student in charge of their progressions, pace and goals.

Date Added: 3/6/2023

Hampton HELPERs Honored

Students Holding Certificates thumbnail242950

On Thursday, Mar. 2, the Mineola Board of Education was proud to recognize our learners who have consistently exemplified our HELPER traits.

We are #MineolaProud of all of you!

Date Added: 3/3/2023