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Kindergartners Raise Money for Operation Smile

Meadow Drive Kindergartners raise money for Operation Smile thumbnail260323

The district is proud to recognize our Meadow Drive kindergartners who raised $460 to benefit Operation Smile, a non-profit organization that provides cleft lip and cleft palate repair to children in developing countries.

Upon learning about the organization and service they provide to improve the lives of children, the learners got to work planning a bracelet fundraiser. They made bracelets and even created a video commercial about the fundraiser that was shared with the school community.

Thanks to the generosity of parents and staff, the fundraiser was a success, and the learners were proud to donate all the money raised, $460, to this important cause.

Special thanks goes out to our amazing kindergartner learners who worked hard to plan this fundraiser and their outstanding kindergarten teachers who inspired and guided them along the way, including Ms. Dilemme, Ms. Reyhanian, Ms. O’Malley, Ms. Silverman, Ms. Paulik and Ms. Andreuzzi.

Date Added: 7/11/2024

Joy Club Raises Money For LLS

Meadow Drive Joy Club members thumbnail260322

During the final week of school, a kind and ambitious group of Meadow second graders were commended for their leadership and dedication to helping others and making a difference in the world.

After learning about a high school student who was raising money to help people fighting cancer, the students approached principal Jennie Fahey with an idea on how they could help. With encouragement from Ms. Fahey, the students recruited some additional friends, and the Joy Club was born.

The students partnered with sophomore Justin Spera and his “Changing TOMorrows” fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They met with Justin to learn how the donations will help those in need and then supported his coin collection at school and organized their own bake sale and bracelet sale at a PTA meeting.

Thanks to the generosity of the Meadow Drive community and the energy and enthusiasm of the Joy Club, they students raised $176.50 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Date Added: 7/11/2024

Science Research Scholars Honored by BOE

BOE Meeting Main Photo thumbnail260261
Science Research Learners Honored by BOE thumbnail260262
Science Research Learners Honored by BOE thumbnail260263
Science Research Learners Honored by BOE thumbnail260264

At the June 20 meeting, the Board of Education was proud to honor learners from throughout the district for their accomplishments in science research.

Congratulations to all our outstanding learners and thank you for always making us #MineolaProud!


PSEG Long Island's I Am Em-Powered PSA Challenge Semi-Finalists

Amirah Badoolah 

Lucas DaCosta  

Hanalei DaSilva 

Isabella De La Paz 

Bridgette Fischer 

Colin Heisler

Katelynn Hung  

Patrick Kennedy

Lucas Penoro

Daniella Porcelli

Hinsley Yu


SAAWA MS Honorable Mention Biology

Knox Pace

Michael Perro

Nathan Ren

Project: The effect of temperature on growth of Vigina Radiata


LISC Jr. Achievement Award

Gabriella Santos

Kayleigh  Casey

Lily Wasserman

Project: The effect of Temperature on Drosophila melanogaster’s Ability to Learn


LISC Jr. Achievement Award

Caitlin Kelly

Adyson Laffey

Sienna Marcial

Project: The effect of varying concentration of Salicylic Acid on Inhibition of Bacterial Growth


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Lowry Liu

Camil Najyb

Project: The effect of High Sugar, High Protein and High Fat Diets on the Lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Brandon Gruban

Nick Matos

Andrew Morgan

Project: The effect of energizing liquids on negative geotaxis and lifespan on drosophila melanogaster


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Iona Mici

Lara Oliveira Silva

Anda Vasian

Project: What is the effect of varying concentrations of alcohol on positive chemotaxis in drosophila melanogaster?


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Alexandra Griswold

Christopher Meola

Kevin Reis

Project: The effect of alcohol on endurance training in drosophila melanogaster


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Sophia Chen

Madison Levine

Alessia Roselli

Project: An investigation on the substance typically prohibited during pregnancy on reproductive rates of drosophila melanogaster


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Brooke Anzalone

Madison DeCillis

Samantha Savage

Project: The effect of varying bleach concentration on the inhibition of bacteria growth in E.coli


LISC Jr. Honorable Mention

Naya Lameirao

Gianna-Rose Leggio

Laura Therassi Arruda

Project: An investigation on how long Drosophila melanogaster Remember Odors after Repeated Exposure to Reward


LISC Jr. Meritorious

Fawziya Siddique

Khloe Taylor

Yiu Isabella

Project: The effect of Citric Acid Concentrations on the reproductive rate of drosophila melanogaster


LISC Jr. Meritorious

Eric Barbosa

Christopher Foley

Dylan Heerkens

Project: The effect of Energy Supplements on the Endurance of drosophila melanogaster


LISC Jr. Meritorious

Ocean Blaize

Lola  Farrelly

Alaina  Glatz

Project: The effect of different hand sanitizers on the zone of inhibition with E. coli


LISC Jr. Meritorious

Brendan  Cunha

Harrison DeCicco

Frederick Irish

Project: The effects of anesthetizing agents on pain in drosophila melanogaster in a mechanoreceptive assay


LISC Jr. High Honors

Zaid  Badoolah

Javis Shi

Wiley Tam

Project: The effect of light intensity on bacterial growth in E. coli


LISC Jr. High Honors

Kimberly Hernandez Flores

Elizabeth Marques

Project: The effect of age on climbing time after endurance training in drosophila melanogaster


LISC Sr. Achievement

Alica Lin

Project: The effect of plant based secondary metabolites derived from Chinese Medicine as an EPI to minimize antibiotic resistance of efflux pumps in E. coli


LISC Sr. Achievement

Luke Martinez

Project: The effect of sound therapy on Alzheimer’s in drosophila melanogaster


LISC Sr. Achievement

Leah Gaines

Project: The use of AI application to improve skin cancer screening in high risk/low income countries


LISC Sr. Achievement

Ayden Laffey

Project: The effect of Melatonin on the Regeneration of Lumbriculus variegatus


LISC Sr. Meritorious

Fatimah Badoolah

Project: The effect of M. Charania on Glucose Levels in drosophila melanogaster


LISC Sr. Meritorious

Korina Hung

Project: The effect of Vitamin D on Locomotion in ADHD Phenotype drosophila melanogaster


LISC Sr. Meritorious

Jasime Jin

Project: The correlation between social media screen time, daytime sleepiness and depression within adolescents


LISC Sr. Meritorious

Daniel Perrino

Project: The effect of COVID-19 on the mental health of Gig workers


LISC Sr. High Honors

Emma Powers

Project: The effects of diet on Microbiota in drosophila melanogaster


SAAWA First Place Biology

Catherine Dinh

Project: The effect of Vitamin D supplementation on social space and hyperactivity in Null-SHANK drosophila melanogaster


SAAWA HS Honorable Mention

Christina Webb Padilla

Project: The effect of Sea Moss on inflammation in the gut of drosophila melanogaster and its future as a treatment for IBS patients


JSHS Finalist

MaryEllen Steiner

Project: Tracking Crow Densities and dynamics to develop software to assist mobility-disabled individuals


LISEF Finalist

Rory Meehan

Project: The effect of a literary intervention and ASD inclusivity in education


NYSSEF 2nd place in engineering technology

MaryEllen Steiner

Project: Tracking crow densities and dynamics to develop software to assist mobility-disabled individuals


Regeneron Top 300 Finalist

Luigi Sartori

Project: A proposed method for measurement of oil spill bioremediation enhancement


Regeneron Top 300 Finalist

Samantha Stewart

Project: Investigation of the potential of perfluorocarbon to increase the efficiency of assisted respiration


Date Added: 7/2/2024

Learners Commemorate Flag Day

Meadow Drive Flag Day Ceremony thumbnail260239
Meadow Drive Flag Day Ceremony thumbnail260240

On June 11, Meadow Drive learners participated in a special Flag Day ceremony that included local veterans as their special guests.

The assembly began with members of the Williston Park American Legion Color Guard marching in with the flags and all students and guests reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the second graders, dressed in their best and brightest red, white and blue, presented the National Anthem and other patriotic songs for their fellow learners and honored guests.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the American Legion members gathered in the hallway and handed an American flag to every learner on their way back to class.

Date Added: 7/1/2024

Congratulations Class of 2024 Graduates

Mineola HS Class of 2024 Graduation thumbnail260048

Mineola Union Free School District congratulates our Class of 2024 graduates who turned their tassels at the Tilles Center on June 22.

The 133rd Mineola commencement was filled with friendship, hope and fond memories, while also focused on the future, which looks incredibly bright for our learners as they begin to write the next chapter in their lives.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 6/25/2024