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Musical Peer Tutoring

Students Playing instruments thumbnail244524
Students Playing instruments thumbnail244525
Students in class thumbnail244526

Our 4th grade bass players showed great support and patience as they peer tutored the aspiring 3rd grade bass players. This partnership was music to our ears! #MineolaProud

Date Added: 3/31/2023

Overcoming Obstacles

NYC Marathon runner Hannah Gavios with students thumbnail244518
NYC Marathon runner Hannah Gavios with students thumbnail244519

Our learners in second grade learned about growth mindset during a special guest assembly with NYC Marathon runner Hannah Gavios. She told an inspirational story about overcoming obstacles and persevering!

Date Added: 3/31/2023

Learning About Magnets

Pre-K Students with Magnets thumbnail244517

These Pre-K learners are exploring the invisible forces of magnetism! How does it work? When doesn't it work? How can we make things move?

Date Added: 3/31/2023

LI History Day Competition

Student standing together and smiling at the camera thumbnail244467

On Mar. 26, Mineola MS learners presented at the Long Island History Day Competition, which took place at Hofstra University.

This year’s theme was “Frontiers In History” and their project topics including “Hacktivism, A Frontier That Revolutionized Cyber Security”, “"The Microchip: How Robert Noyce’s Invention Was a Frontier For The World” and "Hurdling Into Athletic Frontiers: The Paralympics”.

Learners were challenged with using various project mediums to convey their topics, including documentaries, websites, exhibit board and performances.

The students showcased their projects to the judges and defended their historical research and analysis. Learners also interacted with other participants and viewed projects from schools throughout Long Island.

We are excited about our continued participation in this annual project and look forward to next year’s theme: “Turning Points In History”.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 3/30/2023

Xanadu Glitters Like Gold

Students performing on a stage thumbnail244255

Congratulations to the entire MHS Drama cast and crew for their flawless and fun production of the musical “Xanadu”!

Their take on this silly, campy, glittery and outrageously funky story that is straight of the 80s (“the 1980s”) had audiences smiling, singing and planning their next roller-skating party.

A standing ovation goes out to each and every student, faculty and volunteer to contributed to this incredible show and put their heart and soul into every aspect of the performance: on-stage, off-stage and backstage!

Enjoy some photos of the preview performance that was attended by local senior citizens who were visiting the school for our annual Senior to Senior Day.

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 3/27/2023