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Meadow Drive Recycling Crew

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Meadow Drive is proud to announce the team of second grade learners who will be heading up the school’s recycling initiative this year.

Throughout this school year, the team will be collecting cans and bottles around the school with the dual intention of helping the environment and raising money to benefit the community.

The students will take turns collecting and washing the cans and bottles every Friday before they are picked up by a parent volunteer who, with the help of their student, will handle the return and collect the deposit.

At the conclusion of the campaign, all the money collected will be used to purchase food for St. Aidan's food pantry in Williston Park.

We are #MineolaProud of these learners for their kindness, empathy and dedication to the community.


Date Added: 9/19/2023


Exploring Energy at Synergy

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Synergy learners are exploring energy with a hands-on Fab Lab project that has them constructing their own wind turbines!

Date Added: 9/19/2023

Writer’s Workshop

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Ms. Brennan’s second graders are learning to put their thoughts and creativity on paper during Writer’s Workshop!

Date Added: 9/18/2023

Full STEAM Ahead

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Our first week of STEAM was filled with learning garden scavenger hunts, Lego challenges and creating a plan to build our own bird feeders!

Date Added: 9/18/2023

Marching Band Prepares For Lift Off

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After an undefeated 2022-23 season and bringing home the Small School Division 1 (SS1) championship for the first time in Mineola history, the Mineola Mustangs High School Marching Band is hoping to make history again with their new show “Odyssey: Through Space and Time.” As was last year’s, this new show features original music composed entirely by Mineola music department staff.

Keeping with a decade’s long tradition, the season started with a six-day immersive marching band camp held at Camp Towanda in the Poconos in August. The 140 students and their teachers made the most of the excursion including hours of practice, learning each note and step of the colorful and complex arrangement. Band camp also included fun activities and opportunities for teamwork and bonding that the students won’t soon forget, including the annual senior bonfire.

Back at home, Long Island Ducks fans were the first to get a sneak peak of the new show when the Marching Band and Color Guard performed as part of pre-game festivities on Sept. 2 at the ballpark in Central Islip.

Competition season begins Sunday, Sept. 17 at Brentwood High School and culminates with the New York State Field Band Conference Championships in Syracuse, NY on Sunday, Oct. 29.

Date Added: 9/14/2023