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    This series contains the best of both classic and current literary criticism of the world’s most-studied literature. 
Each volume in the series focuses on an individual author’s entire body of work or on a single work of literature.
Critical Insights Themes:
Good and Evil
Critical Insights Authors:
George Orwell
John Steinbeck
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
Tennessee Williams
Critical Insights Works
The Bell Jar
The Catcher in the Rye
The Great Gatsby
To Kill a Mockingbird 
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe 

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A comprehensive collection of NOVELny databases, as well as any subscriptions purchased through Nassau BOCES.
Hoovers Company Profiles provides information about 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives. Hoover is widely recognized as a leader in company data, delivers in-depth industry analyses, information on a company's location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers and more



Small business collection.
Business Economics and Theory.
General Business File ASAP
Business Insights: Essentials


    Database articles explore macro, micro, and global economics as well as personal and household finance.

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Vocations and Careers Collection




    Comprehensive reports of promising career fields for the 21st Century

Current Events

   A world of informaiton


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Early World of Learning
Activity Corner
Dramatic Learning
Early Peoples
Inventions and Discoveries
Living Green
Encyclopedia Estudiantie Hallazgos
Hispanica Saber
L'Encyclopedie Decoverte



600+ animated movies for grades 3-12; Visually appealing; Interactive quizzes for assessment & enrichment, experiments & creative activities.




A comprehensive collection of NOVELny databases, as well as any subscriptions purchased through Nassau BOCES.





Expanded Academic ASAP
General OneFile
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Academic OneFile
General Reference Gold
Junior Edition
Junior Edition K-12
Student Edition
Kids InfoBits




Amazing Animals
Encyclopedia Americana
New Book of Knowledge
New Book of Popular Science
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
America the Beautiful
Lands and People
La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre


    General reference resource for young researchers that makes learning fun and intuitive. Helps students in grades 1-9 develop their research, writing, language and computer skills.


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TRUEflix is a multimedia resource with videos and activities on dozens of science and social studies units


A comprehensive collection of NOVELny databases, as well as any subscriptions purchased through Nassau Boces.





Physical review, Physical Review Letters, and Reviews of Modern Physics






Journal collection; Over 25% of the world's science, technology & medicine full text and bibliographic information.




Curriculum-oriented encyclopedia for sciences, including images, experiments, biographies, and national/state education standards



Information, images and videos on health topics including:
Drug Abuse
Body Systems
Diseases and Disorders
Nutrition and Wellness
Mental Health

*Login and then choose Health Reference Center


World Book Digital Libraries, including Timelines and Discoverer information





Health Collections:
Health Reference Center Academic
Nursing and Allied Health
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine
Psychology Collection

Science Collections:
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection
Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture
Computer Database
Agriculture Collection Info
General Science Collection



    Today's Science bridges the gap between the science that students learn in the classroom and the discoveries pushing the boundaries of science today.


     Adolescent Health and Wellness 



Curriculum-driven, leveled content, interactive features,  intuitive navigation for grades 4-9



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TRUEflix is a multimedia resource with videos and activities ondozens of science and social studies units

    A collection of NOVELny databases, as well as any subscriptions purchased through Nassau BOCES.

    American History
World History - Ancient & Medieval:  Prehistoric times to beginning of Renaissance
World History - Modern Era: 1500's to the present


Great Lives in History: 20th Century - worldwide biographies
Notorious Lives  
Inventors and Inventions
Great Events from History: Renaissance and Early Modern Era 1454 - 1600
Great Athletes: Baseball, Football, Boxing, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Racing, Olympic Sports
Decades: 1920's - 2000's



SIRS Decades: 5000 primary and secondary source articles on the 20th century

SIRS Knowledge Source: This portal offers access to other SIRS products including: Issues Researcher- current events and controversial topics






American History
500 years of political, military, social, & cultural history
Also available:  biographies, maps &images

Modern World History
1450's to present, including Africa, The Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East

World Geography and Culture
Geography & cultural information for all the countries in the world

Ancient and Medieval History
Explore important events and topics in ancient and medieval history



Early People including Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Africans and American Indians, etc.


    Criminal Justice Collection
Opposing Viewpoints in Context  
US History Collection     
U.S. History in Context
New York Times 1985 -  
History Resource Center - US
Massachusetts History Online
History Resource Center - World
Global Issues in Context
World History Collection
World History in Context
Biography in Context
Biography Resource Center

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  Academic OneFile
New York Times Newspapers
General OneFile
Expanded Academic ASAP
General Reference Center Gold
Student Edition
Junior Edition K12

  Search Gannet Newstand to quickly find news information you need.

Get access to top news stories and the information contained on the various sections of the newspapers.

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Social/Contemporary Issues


A comprehensive collection of NovelNY databases, as well as any subscriptions purchased through Nassau Boces.






Combines objective analysis, explanations of opposing points of view and other special features.




Proquest - SIRS Issues Researcher

Covering the Leading Issues most studied and debated by students






  Criminal Justice Collection
General OneFile
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Global Issues in Context

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Teaching Tools


Educational videos/information on all content areas - use same login as used with Castle Learning. Teacher logins provide access to additional features.




A collection of multimedia K-12 author and book resources including interviews with authors, professional book readings, and book guides





  600+ movies that are visually appealing, cleverly written and speak to kids in a voice they can relate to; Interactive quizzes and enrichment materials, like experiments and creative activities supplement the movies.



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World Languages/ESL


  Specialty Sites:
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Hispanica Saber
L'Encyclopedie Decoverte

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