100th Day of School

Students dressed up as 100 year olds thumbnail242071

Learners at Hampton and Meadow celebrated the 100th day of school in centenarian style!

The Pre-K through second graders looked as if they aged over nine decades in a day as they arrived at class with grayed hair, rollers and facial hair and dressed in classic style with hats, horn-rimmed glasses, pearls, vests and bowties. Many of our new old-timers walked hunched over with canes in hand and one was even equipped with a first alert pendant, just in case of emergency.

Other students got creative with elaborate t-shirt and poster designs based on the number 100, showing that they were indeed 100 days smarter than on the first day of school.

Of course, our 100th Day of School celebration wasn’t all about dressing up. The students participated in various “100-themed” lessons and activities throughout the day, including math, reading and art projects.

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Date Added: 2/13/2023