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Day of Service and Remembrance

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High School students participated in a Day of Service and Remembrance to commemorate Sept. 11. Aligned with the National Day of Service and Remembrance, students participated in acts of kindness to pay tribute to the victims, survivors and first responders of 9/11. The good deeds are meant to help others and honor the compassion that was shown around the nation in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

Students had two opportunities to participate in the Day of Service. During lunch periods, high schoolers met in the lobby to put together cookie snack bags. After school, students came together in the cafeteria to make more than 800 cheese sandwiches to be donated to a local food pantry.

After the Day of Service activities, students and members of the school community gathered outside of the High School for a remembrance ceremony. Speakers including members and advisors of the Student Service Center and Principal Dr. Whittney Smith spoke surrounding the theme, “We honor, we help, we heal.” Students also watered a tree that was planted 10 years after 9/11, during the school’s memorial ceremony in 2011.