A Night of Recognition

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There was much to celebrate at the June 20 meeting of the Board of Education. As the school year comes to a close, both students and staff were honored for their exceptional achievements in the last few weeks and months. Congratulations to all of the following groups and individuals:

Mineola High School Student Organization Representatives, In Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Mineola UFSD:

· Abbey Ahamed
· Samuel Levitan

Eagle Scouts
Matthew Catania
Alexander Marchiselli

Ralph Amitrano – 2019 Physical Education Director Recognition Award
Christine Gayson – 2019 Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award
Mary Owens - Nassau County Mathematics Teachers Association Teacher of the Year: High School Level

The winners of the Badge Book Cover Artwork Contest! The following students’ will have their artwork featured in next year’s badge books:
Kaitlin Caetano (front)- O'Grady
Daniel Nicholas (back)- Sokol
Ian Preda (front)- Andreuzzi
Olivia Clerkin (back)- Tufariello/Pingitore
Grade 1
Michael Gavin (front)- LoCascio
Evangeline Tavlan-Vuong (back)- Sanchez/Carrell

First Robotics Competition National Championship Qualifier:
Jonathan Mathew
Qamber Jafri
Christina Peitler
David Batista
Ronit Setia
Colleen Talty*
Donna Saravia
Erlisa Kabashi
Jillian Parrino*
Zhengda (David) Huang
Nicolas Dos Santos Ferriera
Derek Lee
Carmen Lima

NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC)
Winner: Jillian Parrino*

Honorable Mentions:
Yesenia Hanif
Ankita Patel
Colleen Talty*
Tara Minaahang
Wenny Cheng

* Receiving two awards