ExploraVision Achievements

ExploraVision Achievements photo
A group of eight students from Jackson Avenue have been voluntarily meeting prior to school three times a week in order to participate in the ExploraVision Competition. Under the guidance of adviser Sid Burgreen, who is now retired from the district, the students were asked to imagine a technology 20 years into the future and how it can solve a problem. One group created a tool that would allow dog to human communication and the other came up with an idea for biodegradable latex balloons. The eight students who participated were honored at the district’s March 14 Board of Education meeting. Congratulations to: Jasmine Ferreira , Halo Stapleton and Sophia Ysobelle Gonzalez came up with the dog to human wearable communication device; and Christopher Garcia, Jonathan Leskowicz, Sean Luning, Kevin Reis and Christopher Tercynski received an honorable mention for coming up with biodegradable latex balloons.