Government in Action

Government in Action photo
Seven students from Mineola Middle School were selected to participate in the YMCA Youth and Government Program in Albany, NY in November. During the experience, students learned the importance of the American democratic system by participating in hands-on enactments of how to get bills passed. Students also got to work with two members of the State Assembly and learned the role they can play in government. Students were selected from the school’s Speech and Debate Club and attended the program with advisers Michael Chin and Jenna Cavuto. Attendees included: Skyla Azeharie, Dylan Bouti, Jordan Gabriel, Eunice Lee, Gabriella Lisboa, Conor Scott and John Valentino. Of special note during the event, Dylan Bouti was voted in as governor, meaning he received a special gavel and will play a role in next year’s ceremony. The group was honored at the district’s Nov. 29 Board of Education meeting.