Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code photo
This past summer Tara Minaahang and Anushka Patel participated in Girls Who Code, a program designed to show rising juniors and seniors the career possibilities in the field of coding. They were selected to participate based on applications they submitted last spring.

During the seven week intsensive course, Tara and Anushka were introduced to JAVA, JAVAScript, CSS, HTML, Aurdino, HTML, Firebase and Python. Beyond being immersed in very technical subjects, they also got to have lunch once a week with a female mentor who works in the field of coding. Additionally, there were several field trips to companies in NYC and each got to complete an internship.

Anushka completed her internship at IAC, which is located by the Chelsea Piers. When speaking about her experience, she stated, “We all know we could learn this coding on our own but what makes this experience stand out is the sisterhood I have been ushered into.” Tara completed her mentorship at APPNexus, which is located in the Flat Iron District. When Tara speaks of her experience, she notes that not only did she learn much about herself, but that she was immersed in a world so unfamiliar to her that she fell in love with it. Additionally, she states, “I have grown to love learning!”