Engineering a Win

Two second-graders at Hampton Street were named one of six winning teams in the national Paper Tower Challenge and five additional teams received honorable mentions for their creative works. Winning schools were entitled to pick from a selection of new technology for use in their classroom to further enhance the student experience of the STEAM – science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics – program and support project-based learning.

In December, all first- and second-graders at the school took part in the challenge, which asked students to use only 20 sheets of paper, scissors and their imaginations to build either the largest or most creative tower. Organized by STEAM teacher Denise Maynard, the challenge reinforced all parts of the Next Generation Science Standards, such as force, weight, balance, height and length, measurement and engineering techniques.

Congratulations to the following winning selections from Hampton:

· One of six national winners: Craziest Paper House – by second-graders Lara Silva and David Sousa

· Honorable Mentions:

o Swan Park – by second-graders Autumn Malone and Alba Assuncao

o Lincoln Memorial – by second-graders Olivia Dos Santos and Alyssa Picarello

o Pineapple – by first-graders Yossra Attia and Allison Ramasami

o Hotel – by first-graders Hailey Meyer and Kyla Sleeper

o V Tower – by first-grader Zalen Parekh