Capital Projects Enhance Community


In an unanimous vote by the Board of Education on Sept. 17, the district is seeking permission to expend up to $7 million from its existing Capital Reserve Fund. Similar to a savings account, the money in this reserve fund can only be used on capital expenditures and requires voter approval on its use. Below is a link to the projects this money is intended to fund and listed here are some quick highlights (more detailed info to come shortly):

* Carries NO increase to the tax levy for residents

* Will complete all projects listed as a concern to the community and/or as a safety consideration in the Building Conditions Survey (other than new boilers, which will be covered under an Energy Performance Contract the Board is considering)

* Will include something for all community members and students – as many local organizations use our fields and facilities

* Saving this money before spending it will save the taxpayers more than $2 million – the estimated interest if a bond was needed to complete this work

* All projects will qualify for 15% reimbursement from the state in building aid

* Detailed list of the projects are on the website here

Voting Information:
Voting will take place November 10, 2015 from 6:00 am- 9:00 pm at the Jackson Avenue School and Meadow Drive School.

Your Voting Location:
Jackson Avenue School: you vote here if you live in the following zip codes: 11501 and 11040
Meadow Drive School: you vote here if you live in the following zip codes: 11596, 11507 and 11577.