Resources for Families

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Resources for families: Coping during the COVID-19 health crisis


How do I talk to my children about what is going on?

Talking to Your Children About Coronavirus: A Parent Resource

PBS Kids- How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus

Hable con sus hijos sobre el COVID-19 Un recurso para padres (Spanish)

Coronavirus Slide Presentation for Parents and Kids

Just for Kids: A Comic Explaining COVID-19

BrainPop (free) Video explaining Coronavirus for your child


What about my teenager?

Talking to Tweens and Teens about Coronavirus (New York Times)

7 Science Based Strategies to Help Parents and Teens Cope with Anxiety Related to COVID-19


How do I manage the challenge of maintaining structure for an unknown amount of time?

Schools Out:  A Parents’ Guide For Meeting the Challenge


How do I handle the stress that I may feel as an adult during this time?

Taking care of your own mental health in the face of uncertainty

CDC: Managing Anxiety and Stress


What if I have questions directly related to my family's health? 


New York State has established a Novel Coronavirus Hotline, which can provide additional information. Please feel free to call 1- 888-364-3065, that you may use as a resource or if you have questions or concerns regarding travel and signs and symptoms. Also, in order to stay up to date about COVID-2019, its treatment and prevention, please visit the following websites: